Skin Rejuvenation

As we get older the combined effect of our genes and our lives takes its toll on our face and other exposed areas. Exposure to sunlight in the form of UVA, UVB and smoking, combine to produce familiar changes such as wrinkles, age spots and broken vessels.

The most important way to stop further change is to avoid causing any more damage to your skin by avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight and by stopping smoking.

What can you do to reverse the changes you already have?

Rejuvenation uses a gentle light source from the Candela Class 4 laser to painlessly stimulate the regrowth of collagen within the skin, producing a firmer, less aged appearance. The light used does not damage the skin in the way that sunlight does. Treatments are every 3 weeks and we recommend 4-6 treatments depending on your level of elasticity in the skin.

We recommend this treatment from the age of 40.

Other treatments can include removal of age spots and broken vessels to further improve appearance.

Areas such as the upper chest and the backs of your hands also respond well to this treatment.

The clinic can also advise on general skin care, and pharmaceutical products can be recommended to further improve and protect your skin this summer.

post collagen stimulation using gentle yag laser - The Fontmell Clinic