Rosacea is a chronic and unpleasant skin complaint which causes inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and eye lids with skin redness, pronounced blood vessels, swelling and skin eruptions similar to acne.   It’s cause is unknown but there is now a choice of treatments which have a significant effect on the unsightly marks.

Do you suffer from Rosacea ?

This is an inflammatory condition which is typically diagnosed in the 30 – 50 age group.
10% of the population suffer with Rosacea and it mostly effects women but is more severe in men.
Rosacea is a common but poorly understood long-term (chronic) skin condition that mainly affects the face. Symptoms begin with episodes of flushing (when the skin turns red).
As Rosacea progresses, other symptoms can develop such as:
• burning and stinging sensations
• permanent redness
• spots (papules and pustules)
• small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible
In the most severe cases, skin can thicken and enlarge, usually on and around the nose.
Triggers of rosacea
While the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, several triggers have been identified that may make the condition worse.
These include:
• exposure to sunlight
• stress
• exercise
• cold weather (wind)
• heat
• the menopause
• certain medications, such as vasodilator drugs
• hot drinks
• alcohol and caffeine
• eating certain foods, such as spicy foods
Identifying and avoiding the triggers of rosacea can be a useful way of controlling the symptoms.
Treating Rosacea
At The Fontmell Clinic we have the Class 4 V Beam Perfecta laser which treats Rosacea and many other vascular conditions including thread veins.
We are also distributors for Skinceuticals clinically trialed skin products and the new product Redness Neutralizer for Rosacea has had excellent results.
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v beam laser pre treatment of rosacea with pigment - The Fontmell Clinic
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