Permanent Hair Removal

The Fontmell Clinic uses a YAG laser to carry out permanent hair removal. Unwanted hair is not only cosmetically unacceptable but leads on to other problems such as spots and itching.

The first appointment will involve a thorough history and examination to make sure that you are not over susceptible to the effects of laser light by virtue of skin type or medication being used. There will also be a test on a small area to ensure correct settings and depending on that result treatment may start straight away.

The process of permanent hair removal may involve up to six visits as not all hair is growing at the time of treatment so will not be susceptible to the laser light. The growing hair absorbs the laser light and is effectively destroyed, the surrounding hair being unaffected. There is a stinging sensation which can be offset by using anaesthetic gel, and the laser delivers an ice cold spray at the point of treatment to further reduce any sensation. Facial hair treatment is usually monthly, leg hair being two monthly.

The area being treated does need to be protected from the sun for a month afterwards to avoid any additive effects of the light on the skin but this can be achieved by a good sun block.

Hair follicles are destroyed by heat generated by the laser beam to prevent re growth.   As hair grows in cycles, more than one treatment will be necessary to give optimum results.

Arm pit hair removal after - The Fontmell Clinic